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Little Girl Blue

This is all I listen to lately. Sit there and count your fingers What can you do? Old girl you’re through Sit there, count your little fingers Unhappy little girl blue Sit there and count the raindrops Falling on you … Continue reading

Seasons (Waiting On You)

It’s pretty wonderful my boyfriend has such fantastic taste in music and introduces me to bands like this:

It Could Be Him

Go see London Road at Canadian Stage right now. It’s all kinds of brilliant and completely and utterly unique.

Theatre I Saw In 2013

Even though I had no intention to, I broke last year’s number of 59 shows and saw/did 60 shows in total. Here they are. And my top 5 below. 1. Robin Hood: A Legendary Musical Comedy (AMD) – Hart House … Continue reading


To celebrate the news!


Forgot how much I love this video. Stop motion glow-stick-iness.


Hey, guess what? I’m doing a Neil Young cover concert on January 26th at Measure in the Annex (formerly known as the Annex Live) – featuring my partners in crime Robin Claxton, Jeff Deegan, and Pat Power. You should come, … Continue reading

Golden Years

In honour of going to the Bowie exhibit at the AGO today – here’s one of my favourites of his. The rhythm groove set up is unreal. It interlocks so well. And guys, let’s be honest, Bowie is one of … Continue reading

The Chain

Mick Fleetwood is definitely one of my favourite drummers. Precision and power.

After the Gold Rush

As far back as I can remember, I have been listening to Neil Young. Happy Birthday to the best of the best.