Students that Tara has coached have gone on to book jobs and be accepted to the following programs and companies:

  • Acting Up Stage Company
  • Banff Musical Theatre Summer Intensive
  • Black Sheep Theatre
  • CBC/Mirvish The Search for Dorothy – Top 20 Finalists
  • Drayton Entertainment
  • Etobicoke Musical Theatre Productions
  • Hart House Theatre
  • Lighthouse Festival Theatre
  • MGA Talent Agency
  • Mirvish Productions
  • Miss Saigon – Broadway Revival
  • Oklahoma City University Summer Program
  • The Performing Arts Project
  • The Rose Theatre
  • Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
  • Ryerson Theatre School
  • Scarborough Music Theatre
  • Sheridan College Bachelor of Music Theatre Program
  • StageWorks Toronto
  • Steppin’ Out Productions
  • Stratford Festival
  • Theatre 20
  • U of T Mississauga/Sheridan Theatre and Drama Studies Program
  • Yale Cabaret Conference
  • Yonge Street Theatricals
  • Young People’s Theatre

She has also played auditions for:

  • Book of Mormon Broadway
  • Mirvish Productions
  • Stratford Festival
  • Shaw Festival
  • Charlottetown Festival
  • Dayton Walters Casting
  • Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
  • Citadel Theatre
  • Banff Centre
  • Acting Up Stage Company
  • Segal Centre
  • Rainbow Stage
  • Yonge Street Theatricals
  • Etobicoke School of the Arts
  • Talk Is Free Theatre
  • Theatre 20
  • The Performing Arts Project
  • Summerworks Musical Works in Concert
  • Fallen Rock Productions
  • Hart House Theatre

Tara also accompanies Kiwanis Festivals, RCM exams, as well as opera auditions including summer programs such as COSI.


I really can’t say enough about Tara: her innate musical skill and wisdom bely her years. She’s a fierce sight-reader, a patient and generous teacher, and a wildly gifted musical director.  I first encountered Tara when she was playing and musical directing ‘Tick Tick Boom.’  Not only did the band sound incredible, but when I gazed over at who was leading the troupe, I saw a passionate young woman, both in total control and going with the flow.  I was smitten. Having her as an accompanist for my class has been a gift, and the feedback, insight, and intelligence she brings to the room is invaluable.
Tracy Michailidis – Actor, Singer, Producer

Tara Litvack feels music with her whole body, mind, and spirit. She helps actors marry text to music and then shows them how to situate it emotionally in their bodies. She is also an exceptional vocal coach: she identifies what the problem is and, more importantly, is able to explain to anyone (of any age or experience) how to correct the problem in terms they can understand. She is deep-feeling. She is profoundly intelligent and brings that intelligence to all her music direction. She is imaginative. She is hard-working. She is passionate. She is honest. She is a sensitive and accomplished pianist. She is a great teacher. She is an asset to any production.
Reza Jacobs – Music Director, Composer, Sound Designer

Tara possesses a rare combination of gifts that make her an excellent musical director – passion, excellent piano playing, vocal training knowledge, and a profound understanding of music and text.
Mitchell Marcus, Artistic and Managing Director – Acting Up Stage Company

I met Tara in 2012 when we did Falsettos with Acting Up Stage. At the time I had severe acid reflex and was struggling to sing. Tara provided me with essential tools and techniques that helped me strengthen my voice. She is extremely compassionate, and understands how to ‘sell a song’, finding the intent and objective behind the characters motives. I’ve seen her work with actors of all ages and she approaches each of them differently based on their specific needs. Did I mention she’s awesome?!
Eric Morin – Actor

Tara is one of the best teachers, from vocal to life guidance, that I have had the experience of working with. She is incredibly kind and patient regardless of your level of acting or singing. Whether you are a pro or are just starting out, she will guide you to reach a potential you never knew or thought you could reach. I am forever indebted to her for helping me through the toughest blocks and decisions in my life.
Brian Postalian – Actor

Tara’s passion and enjoyment of her craft continually challenges and inspires me as a performer. She has an innate ability to connect with a singer on an emotional level, in turn creating an integral relationship between the music and performance. Her incredible insight into music, lyrics, and what that means for the actor is enlightening. Whether accompanying or coaching, Tara’s inherent musicality is an invaluable resource!
Stephanie Hope Lawlor – Actor

I have worked with Tara not just in a teaching facility but also as part of an artistic team – she was the Music Director for a show I was Directing. Tara is one of the most knowledgable and sensitive music directors I have come across. She feels the music on an organic level and works to help the performer understand not just what is written musically – but WHY it has been written. Combine this with a passion for music, sharp intelligence, fabulous piano skills, and a compassionate nature for the performers in her care. Tara is a person you will want to work with again and again.
Alanna Stone – Actor, Director

To say we are blessed to have Tara with us during rehearsal is an understatement. I was witness to a coaching of Michael Levinson (12 years old, playing the role of Jason), where in 30 minutes, Tara was able to get Michael singing from his body and not his head. Over the course of a few weeks, Tara’s coaching transformed his work – allowing Michael far deeper access to an authentic emotional connection to the role.
Robert McQueen – Director, Falsettos

Tara is a bright and talented artist. She brings great passion, wonderful insight, and gifted musicianship to her work as a musical director. She has the fantastic ability to interpret, and help others interpret, how the union of words and music tell stories. Her tremendous work ethic, her kindness, and her generosity make her a welcome and valuable presence in our musical theatre community.
Glynis Ranney – Actor

Tara is a very talented and skilled Musical Director, Pianist, and Vocal Coach. She has great interpersonal skills and is an excellent collaborator.  She holds much experience and knowledge of music theatre repertoire and is fantastic at passing this information on to assist both beginner and advanced performers as well as the orchestra to help bring out everyone’s best to produce a fabulous production!
Melissa Bencic – Artistic Director, Bravo Academy for the Performing Arts

As a vocal coach, Tara possesses the gift of being able to bring out in a singer the perfect union of technique, musicality, and characterization.  Tara’s extensive knowledge of repertoire and ability to analyze music facilitates a singer’s deep understanding of any piece.  When working with Tara, it is always a pleasure to discover together how each note and harmonic progression that the composer has written uniquely relates to the development of character as an actor.  She allows no small detail to go overlooked, while always working toward shaping the overall musicality and intention of the piece.  Few of us have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the actual composer of a piece; working with Tara certainly seems like the next best thing!  Oh, and she has excellent taste in cats.
Lauren Lazar – Co-founder of StageWorks Toronto